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Employ real people not robots.

moladi, a South African Company and International supplier for the past 22 years, the pioneer of a one-step casting process for the construction of homes,"...Simply cast a whole house in a day, employing unskilled labour, reducing time, waste and cost, eliminating chasing for plumbing and electrical pipe work, plastering and beam filling, resulting in a wall stronger than brick. A cost effective, holistic design and build technology that far outweighs poorly designed costly concrete-block and masonry structures…

Lack of resources, insufficient funds, skills shortage, time constraints, work flow control and waste are key challenges embodied in affordable housing shortages. Our technology addresses these issues and this is why individuals and organizations recognize moladi as the solution to housing needs throughout the world. We supply technology and support transfer of know-how by means of on site training to empower individuals to achieve worth, by meaningful action to raise those at the “bottom of the pyramid” to a higher level. This example is applies to many countries throughout the world.

www.moladi.com or www.metacafe.com/watch/889951/


You write very well.

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